Jiménez’s work explores the intimate and personal ways of seeing the human form. He confronts parallel themes of isolation and attachment as a duality of the human condition. These works depict the effusive desire to capture the soul and the innocence of the human form through art. Full of feelings and ideas, textures and forms, these works reveal the essence of the human condition. Francisco’s aim is to immerse the viewer in his world with his characteristically strong style. This is a world of intimate places, imperfections and sensibility which follows the lines of the human body and the aura that surrounds people.

Francisco J. Jimenez (born 1987 in Jerez de la Frontera) is a Spanish painter who lives and works in London. When he was a child he moved with his family to Madrid. It was in this big city where he became absorbed by the great world of painting and in particular the beauty of the human body in art; the nude. Francisco was influenced by the rich artistic scene in Madrid and began to find his artistic style by experimenting with different mediums and materials. A significant turning point in the development of his work was attending an exhibition by artist Antoni Tàpies. Seeing the work of Tàpies allowed Francisco the freedom to experiment with applying different textures and materials to canvas.